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Tenants Stressing You Out?


Are your tenants: Refusing to pay rent? Breaching their rental agreement? Destroying your property? We can help. Did you know that even a small mistake in the eviction process can result in a judgment against you on your record, damaging your good credit? Does paying your tenant a prevailing party fee sound fun? How about paying for their attorney?

Avoid these risks and put our extensive experience and knowledge of landlord-tenant eviction law to work for you. Whether you want your tenants removed from your property altogether or simply want them to comply with the terms of their rental agreement, come and visit the experts at Acorn Property Management. We’ll guide you every step of the way. We’re not attorneys, but specialists trained in the eviction process. Save the cost of an attorney.

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Residential Eviction costs

(All filing fees and process service fees are included with package prices.)

FED packages – Includes complimentary notice review with licensed property manager

  • FED prep & filing, process service, representation (with one set-over) – $274.00
  • All of the above with Restitution prep & filing, & process service – $330.00

A la Carte services

  • FED prep & filing only – $50
  • Restitution prep & filing only – $80
  • Representation – $80 – per court appearance
  • Notice prep with form – $50 – includes cost of mailing
  • Notice service only – $40
  • Process service – $45
  • Sheriff lock-out prep & filing with court and sheriff – $95
  • Consultation with licensed property manager – $90/hr or $50/half-hr (minimum)
  • Court appearance as witness in Acorn FED case – $95/hour
  • Expert witness appearance – $125/hour – prep time at consultation rate

Filing Fees – Lane County Courts & Lane County Sheriff

  • FED Filing fee – $83
  • Restitution filing fee – $17
  • Writ of Execution filing fee – $45
  • Sheriff tenant removal – $106/2 tenants; $130/3 tenants + $20/ea. Addl. tenant